Instructions to authors


Along with the manuscript, the authors should enclose a covering letter with an application for publishing. The letter should include a declaration that the current work had not been previously published or sent elsewhere to be published.

The manuscript should include full name of the author, title of the article, institutional affiliation and e-mail address. If there is more than one author, please indicate a person to whom all the correspondence should be sent. If there is no such person indicated, the editorial board shall communicate with the first person mentioned.
Neither the editorial board, nor the publisher can be held responsible for the data and opinions included in the articles.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject all manuscripts that show imperfections, do not fit the focus of the journal or do not follow the instructions given herein. Moreover, it reserves the right to perform stylistic arrangements of the manuscripts, including shortening. All manuscripts are reviewed by two independent assessors.

EFETA journal publishes articles in Slovak and Czech language.

Original scientific and professional articles provide original results of scientific work and new information based on observations, surveys, experiments, etc. The manuscripts should be preferably 7-10 pages long.

Other submissions should be 2-5 pages long. Reviews, reports, personal messages and other should not exceed the limit of 2 pages.


Title page
Title page includes clear and accurate title and a subtitle (without any abbreviations), full name/names of the author/authors and institutional affiliations with e-mail addresses.

Main text
Main text starts on a new page and consists of an abstract (short, clear, accurate and understandable summary of the article, no more than 10 lines in lenght), key words, introduction (complete summary of the aim of the study, its content and structure), main text organized in chapters (actual investigation level of the topic in our country and abroad, aims of the work, methods, statistics, results, discussion, summary, conclusion and literature-references (documents used in the article according to the norm ISO 690 and ISO 7144 – the main structure: name/title/document information).

Tables should have a title and a number. Each column and row should have a caption. If you use tables from another author either published or unpublished, you should attach a written consent with its publication and original source.

Pictures (graphs, diagrams, schemes, photographs) (graphs, diagrams, schemes, photographs) should have a clear and understandable title, or a legend (explaining symbols, letters and other signs used in the illustration) and a number (use Arabic numbers). If you use picture from another author, attach a written consent with its publication and original source. The description includes a title, name and a number.

Tables and pictures should be placed immediately after the text where they are mentioned for the first time.

This manuscript structure refers to the original scientific articles. Survey studies and other submission forms do not have to follow such strict rules, since they have different character, content and aim (after a title, name/names and institutional affiliation, continue with the main text).


All manuscripts should be delivered in an electronic form in MS Word (doc, docx) format via e-mail or on a CD. Manuscript page includes 1 800 signs (according to the norm – 30 lines on a page, 60 keystrokes in a line).

When writing on a PC, select a standard font (Times New Roman or Arial) and, if necessary, use bold or italic. Align all paragraphs left and each paragraph or title separate with one ENTER. Do not use automatic formatting of lists, format lists with a dash, a number or a letter. Using special fonts and automatic hyphenation is unnacceptable.

Follow standard typographic rules (after a comma in a sentence and after a dot make one space, distinguish between a dash and a hyphen).

Tables form a part of a document, therefore do not format it above the basic visualization of the table. Table placement should be marked in the text (if the table does not follow the ideas in the main text, include it in the supplements).

Pictures (illustrations, photographs) should be delivered in the separate files in jpg or png format with a minimum size of 100 kB. Mark the placement of each table in the text.

Graphs are delivered as pictures (see above) or in a vector format (cdr, psd, wmf,..).


Appplication letters should be sent to the following address:

Prof. PhDr. Viktor Lechta, PhD.
Pedagogická fakulta TU
Priemyselná 4, 918 43 Trnava
Editor-in-chief e-mail:
Editorial board e-mail:

Please remember to enclose an authorization entitling prof. Lechta to sign author’s agreement (include your telephone number, e-mail address and bank account number).

Each author is sent an author’s copy.